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What We Do

Neural Solutions designs and builds Professional Website and Software Solutions. We are a team who pride ourselves in bringing customers' ideas to life and ensuring their satisfaction. With experience in different technologies, we know what is the best approach for our clients, resulting in a final product of exceptional quality at the most affordable price.

Template Websites

This plan is ideal for building professional websites quickly and affordably. We are experienced with different platforms including Wordpress, Wix and Shopify. We build a solution which best suits your requirements and is unique to your brand, 

Custom Websites

The biggest advantage of custom websites is that anything that can be thought of, can be developed! We specialize in personalised, secure and mobile responsive websites. This plan ensures that the website is scalable and grows with your company. 


Sophisticated Software

We are experienced with developing different forms of software, from simple API Integrations and data manipulation to more advanced data science and machine-learning solutions. Contact us to discuss how we can help bring your ideas to life!


Why Choose Us?

100% Satisfaction

We guarantee that clients are fully satisfied with the solution, making as many changes as necessary

24/7 Support

We offer ongoing technical support, consultancy and are always looking forward to adding new features


We provide solutions that are fully customized, in meeting with the ever-changing needs of the client

Cost effective

With experience in different technologies, we specialize in selecting the most cost-effective approach  


What We Did

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Who We Are

Matthew Galea

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Matthew is a solution-oriented individual. Apart from being proficient in UI & UX design, he is a data scientist and digital marketer by trade.

Kurt Abela

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Kurt is a very technical and imperturbable person. He specializes in Server-Side Technologies, APIs and Web Frameworks.


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